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1583 Livingston Ave |North Brunswick | NJ 08902


Incessant Weightlifting

  • This program is designed to fit anyone looking to improve their technique, strength and Olympic
  • total (Snatch and Clean + Jerk).
  • We offer a 3 day a week program that is made for your recreational lifter, crossfitter and lifters
  • that are looking to train a specific amount of days.
  • We offer a 5 day a week program that is made to fit competitors or someone who is dedicated
  • to improve their weightlifting.
  • This program is customized to your need as a lifter and it is not a generalized program.


Incessant Youth/Junior Weightlifting

  • Designed to improve overall athleticism among young athletes, our Youth and Junior weightlifting program allow individual athletes the ability to develop in a sport on their own, building strength and confidence.
  • This program helps youth and teenagers learn how to safely lift weights, helping develop and promote muscle growth at an early age to better prepare them for any level of youth sports or athleticism.
  • Kids from the age of 9-14 follow a 3-4 day training program.
  • teenagers from the ages of 15-20 follow a 4-5 day training program.
  • The 9-14 age group program mainly consist of learning the snatch and clean + jerk with a slight emphasis on strength.
  • The 15-20 age group program mainly consist of strength while maintaining their technique for the snatch and Clean + Jerk.


Incessant Shred

  • A program designed for the person just looking to get in shape and exercise.
  • Tailored for all levels from beginners to seasoned gym rats.
  • Program incorporates a combination of strength training, endurance training and cardiovascular training.
  • Determined to get you to your goal, Coach Ernie will hold you accountable to your commitment and program every step of the way.


1 on 1 Individualized Training Session

  • For individuals looking for guidance in certain lifts or a break down of any lift.
  • 2 hour session


Online video critique

  • for individuals looking for analysis and guidance on form and technique who cannot physically make it to Incessant Fitness.
  • Done via email & videos.



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