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1583 Livingston Ave |North Brunswick | NJ 08902

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1583 Livingston Ave |North Brunswick | NJ 08902


Ernie Prempeh


Growing up he was your "jock" in high school and was part of the wrestling team, football team and track team. He then served in the Marine Corps for 4 years, which is where his fitness journey started. In 2009 he took his first Crossfit class and it was not going to be his last. He went to the National Personal Training Institute and obtained the certifications he needed to help others improve their health and lifestyle. In 2013, he started Incessant Fitness. At the same time he dedicated his life to be a top Crossfit athlete and started doing competitions. Short after he found himself coaching at Crossfit Barbending and that was when he decided to create Donuts and Weightlifting. The idea came come his love of doughnuts and weightlifting! Since starting the company, he has worked with various athletes and Central Jersey's own Ben Isabella. (17th in the 2014 Northeast Regional) Since then he started a seminar team to help crossfitters of different levels advance on the technical aspects of the two lifts. He loves what he does and it really shows it through his work and teachings.

John 'jc' Arceno


JC has been doing Crossfit for 4 years and within the last year he has found the sport of weightlifting to be his true passion. Prior to training he had no sports background and mainly was dabbling in computer games. A few years go, he was asked to play basketball, he then realized that fatigue set in quickly, lost his agility, and did not have enough strength to compete with others on the court. Realizing he was unable to play proficiently, he began his fitness journey by joining a Crossfit gym. He then obtained his Crossfit Level 1, and attended a variety of Olympic weightlifting seminar and has also become a proficient Kettlebell instructor. Two years ago, JC started coaching and training others to reach their goals in which he enjoys because of the feeling of accomplishment others get in return. He personally believes in every ones potential to become better as long as you come with an open mind, stay humble and train consistently. It was not until I started training with Incessant Fitness that I noticed great strides in my Olympic Lifting. With the Donuts and Weightlifting


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